Address to Enthusiasts

The Blockchain innovation, getting together with the Internet of Cash. 

The perfect intermingling of Cryptography, Software engineering and Financial aspects – these advancements are fuelling the future around us which many accept has arrived. 


Bitcoin promised that it would help realize the goal of making individuals "their own bank." 

With Decentralized Finance (DeFi) being a buzzword in the banking industry, and with the introduction Blockchain, experts have worked to perfect the future of Banking and Finance.

Blockchain can provide a Cryptocurrency alternative to traditional banking services, and those who are comfortable operating in this ecosystem are therefore able to wield their assets with greater fungibilty.

We are living in the present moment and getting highly involved with something extremely transformative, and experiencing the future in the present is a dream come true. 

The unique merging of the Blockchain and Finance are empowering a new upset in banking which many accept has arrived. We are undergoing an economic transformation of epic proportions, we just don’t notice the incremental changes happening around us every day.


Crypto Banks are banking institutions that engage in the standard range of money-related activities like deposits and withdrawals, savings, loans, investment in wider range of instruments and assets. Crypto Banks have integrated cryptocurrency into the financial functions which is backed on Blockchain.

At CryptoTresor Bank, we want to build a gateway that facilitates movement of assets between the crypto and traditional financial markets, to pave the way for the new economy. Our ambition is to become one of the world's first universal, effective and supervised crypto banks, offering industry leading crypto-asset financial products and services.

There are many players globally who are trying to build this bridge between the new economy and the old, but we believe there’s only one way to do it properly and that is with generalized supervision offered by Blockchain, the internet of things.

People are hungry for a new type of banking experience. A bank that promotes the core values of Safety, Transparency and Performance. Clients will have the opportunity to experience these values digitally and physically.

Please join us on this exciting journey. Our aim is to promote the mainstream adoption of Blockchain and crypto by helping people understand the potential it holds to ignite global economic reform and financial inclusion.


Wei Koh

Chief Executive Officer